A Concept of Neo Blue Distillery

"Neo Blue" expresses our company's spirit, and this name is based on the Chinese proverb, "Roka junsei"(炉火純青).

This means "As the fire of a master craftsman's furnace is always a blue flame, the spirit that creates the masterpiece is pure". We chose "Neo" and didn’t chose ''New" for our company name because we want to live with not the new blue but the blue that is there in the first place. In addition to keep pure quality of our products, we also keep in mind that we want a lot of people to enjoy and be happy with our GIN. We hope to convey the preciousness of the Japanese sense of beauty to the world through "GIN" from Yuya, where the four seasons are very beautiful.

What is "Orb"?

The product "Orb" has many functions in its. Most importantly of all is to provide happiness from fragrance so that every woman can enjoy alcohol in a cool, fun, and healthy way. Also, we use fragrant woods as raw materials, we would like to bring the traditional Japanese culture of "Kodo" to the world via "Beautiful smell GIN".


The soil of the terraced rice paddies where we grow herbs is very similar to the red soil of Burgundy, in France, that is a mixture of iron and limestone. This type of soil is rare in Japan, and we found that this is a characteristic of Yamaguchi Prefecture where a lot of lime are produced in there. We thought it might be suitable for growing western herbs, and as a result of planting, several varieties gave off the impressive aromas during the 2019‘s growing season.


Okuizumo Rose Garden in Shimane Prefecture are produces powerful roses from pesticide-free cultivation. The original rose "Sahime" contains Geraniol as its main ingredient, and it has a passionate and profound fragrance. In addition, roses have been reported in various studies that they have antibacterial effects, anti-stress effects, and they regulates woman hormone. It is the symbol of our desire that our product would be for the enrichment of women.


We use NFC chip-equipped corks which was released by Amorim Top Series, S.A in 2019. You can check the product information from the lot number which we will list on our website. You can see the latest information from our website by activating the NFC reader on your smart phone and having it touch the cork.


We use bottles made by SAVER GLASS in France. Their bottle itself is a art and has a function worthy of high class. We use the bottle which has thick body so that you can use it as a vase or a jug after drinking GIN. SAVER GLASS also makes original bottles, and we will be using some of them for our product to enrich your daily life.


Yuya, where the distillery is located, is a small port town by the Sea of Japan. I wanted to express this scenery in some way, so We decided to use canvas for labels. We want to challenge the world by receiving thoughts of the people involved in this project and the people who drink the product for the canvas, instead of the wind.

Also we ask a local facility for the handicapped to apply the labels. By connecting people with each other through work, we are challenging to create a future society where people can be considerate to each other.


We use a stainless steel distiller made by iStill in the Netherlands. The company hosts a school for distilling and brewing technology, we learned the most advanced distillation techniques in there. Unlike copper distillers, iStill simplify distiller's operations. They also collect data from around the world in the cloud and deliver the best distillation method. It has a cyclic distillation function too, which extracts the botanicals in a more colorful.


We use a small amount of high-grade fragrant wood. We cherish Japanese fragrance culture.
We believe that incense is the key to all Japanese culture, and we hope that we convey them to the world with GIN as a form of Japanese beauty.
We sincerely hope that brilliance of the four seasons, and flower in full bloom in there, the words that describe them, and the aesthetics created by Japanese spirits will be with the world from now on.

Origin and How to Enjoy

The word "Orb" which is written “青舞” in Kanji and it means “dancing blue”. This word comes from the atmosphere which I felt when I looked at Yuya Bay where I grew up.

In Yuya, there is the blue of day, the blue of dusk, and the blue of night. The blue sky, the blue mountains, the blue sea, the blue wind that leads night in the evening, and the glow of the stars make the darkness blue. "The blue sky, the blue mountains, the blue sea, the blue wind that announces the night in the evening, and the starry sky which make the darkness blue. "Blue is dancing" I laughed and named our GIN "Orb(青舞)"

The GIN is named "Orb" after the nearby island of Omishima, and it is pronounced "Obu" in Japanese. The main ingredient of this GIN is herbs which come from rice terraces lining the Japan Sea. That rice terrace was abandoned but we plowed and cultivated herbs there. We also use roses and licorice that Japanese farmers make to challenge the world. The people who make the contents are also blue(the word "blue" means sometimes ”still developing" in Japan).

We do not use citrus fruits in our botanicals. There are yuzu in Nagato, summer mandarins in Hagi, and mandarins in Oshima. There are many citrus trees. The tonic water tastes also citrus. There are many citrus trees planted all over Japan and the world. I want you to enjoy it with them. It is not a GIN that is complete from the beginning, but an interesting GIN that is completed in each place, a GIN that is complete because it is unfinished. You are also the maker of "Orb". Yuya, where the distillery is located, has been known for its fishing industry, and there are legends of naval forces in Yang Gui Fei and Kukai. Even now, each cove has port. The labels are made of the cloth of the sails which is used for a ship sailing out into the ocean. We post a video on our website that shows what botanicals we use each serial number. You can know the shape of the raw materials by the cultivation and by your eyes. The blue of the ocean, the blue of the sky, and the blue of the herbs drifting in the breeze are used for the labels.


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